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Big size (up to 12"), ultra-abrasion, high/low temperature and corrosion resistant, and multiple length choices, Letone industrial hose are ideal for industries like construction, chemical, bulk material delivery, steel mills, oil & gas, machinery and equipment manufacturing, high pressure cleaning, F&B and applications of extremely working environment.

sae standard pressure on hose

SAE 100R Hose Data | PipeandHose

Descriptions of SAE 100R series hose. SAE 100R series. Description. 100R1. Steel wire reinforced, rubber covered hydraulic hose (one wire braid) Type A - Thick cover (skive type) Type AT - Thin cover (no-skive type) 100R2. High pressure, steel wire reinforced, rubber covered hydraulic hose (two wire braid)

SAE Hydraulic Hose – Ideal for Low, Medium and High …

As we all know, the SAE standard is an important standard in hydraulic hose design, construction and pressure rating to ensure that hydraulic hoses meet minimum construction requirements. Here are All completed SAE standard …

High Pressure Hydraulic Hose, 1SN, 2SN, 4SP, 4SH, R13 and R15

We can supply standard high pressure hydraulic hose including high-pressure hose EN 853 1SN, 2SN, 4SP, 4SH, SAE 100R13 and R15. They are used as flexible hoses in the hydraulic systems of machines and mechanisms for the transportation of mineral …

J517_202007: Hydraulic Hose - SAE International

17/7/2020· The maximum working pressure of a hose assely comprising SAE J517 hose and hose connectors per SAE J516, SAE J518, SAE J1453, etc., shall not exceed the lower of the respective SAE maximum working pressure values. When using SAE J517 hose for marine appliions, refer to SAE J1475, SAE J1942, and SAE J1942-1.

SAE 100R7 Hose Specs | Hose and Fittings Source

Standard High Pressure, Synthetic Polyester Braid Reinforced Thermoplastic Hydraulic Hose. For Use in Medium Pressure Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems. Oil Resistant Synthetic Polyester Tube. Braided High Tensile Synthetic Fiber. Black High Abrasion Resistant Polyurethane. Temperature Range: -40°F to 212°F (-40°C – 100°C)

SAE Rubber Hydraulic Hose - ProPulse®—a Schieffer Company

SAE 100R4. Stainless Steel Braided PTFE. SAE 100R14; ISO 3862-1 R14. We offer a range of SAE Rubber Hydraulic Hose made with; polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) reinforced by single braid of 304 stainless steel wire, four spiral wire plies wrapped in alternating directions separated by an insulating layer of synthetic rubber, one or two layer of

SAE J517:2017 pdf free - SAE standards pdf

SAE J517:2017 pdf free. Hydraulic hose is rarely used without connectors. Hose with connectors attached are commonly referred to as hose asselies. The general and dimensional standards for hydraulic hose connectors are contained in SAE J516. SAE J516 connectors are identified by a code system as specified in SAE J846.

SAE J1273 Hydraulic Guidelines - Jason Industrial

For maximum hose service life, hose selection should be based on system pressure. Hose may be used above its maximum working pressure where reduced life expectancy is acceptable. SAE J1927 provides one method to help predict wore-reinforced hose service life for a given hydraulic appliion, where the surge pressure peaks vary, and/or the highest pressure peaks occur …

Details Home - Parker Hannifin

13/7/2017· Each of the hydraulic hose styles below must meet a set of dimensional and performance characteristics as set forth by SAE, and they are designated as 100R1 through 100R19. However, SAE issues no approval source lists, certifiion, or letters of approval-conformance to these standards by manufacturers is strictly voluntary.

J2552: Push-On Hose and Mating Hose Fittings - SAE …

4/3/2009· For air appliions the maximum working pressure is at 0.7 MPa. Hose and hose fittings are manufactured within certain dimensions with tolerance ranges in order to provide the proper gripping and sealing. SAE J2552 hose from one manufacturer may not be compatible with J2552 hose fittings supplied by another manufacturer.

Hydraulic Hoses – Low to Ultra High Pressure in International …

Hydraulic Hose – International Standardized, Completed, Strictly Controlled. Qianli is a company, which owns more than 20 years’ manufacturing and exporting experience, is a leading supplier of completed hydraulic hoses, including high pressure, medium pressure and low pressure hydraulic hoses.

SAE AS1227 - Hose Assely, Convoluted Polytetrafluoroethylene

1/9/2001· scope: Appliion: This SAE Aerospace Standard (AS) defines the requirements for a convoluted polytetrafluoroethyl ene (PTFE) lined, metallic reinforced, hose assely suitable for use in aerospace fluid systems at temperatures between -65 °F and 400 °F for Class 1 assely, -65 °F abd 275 °F for Class 2 assely, and at operating pressures per Table 1.

SAE 100R1 Wire Braided Medium Pressure Hose with Two Options

SAE 100R1 high tensile steel wire braided medium pressure hose. SAE 100R1AT single steel wire braided hose is a typical medium pressure hydraulic hose and strongly recommended for hydraulic lines or general industrial system. High tensile strength steel wire reinforcement makes SAE 100R1 hose support higher pressure than common steel wire does. Apart from …

SAE 100 R14 Hydraulic Hose - High pressure hose

SAE 100 R14 Hydraulic Hose with PTFE Tube. SAE 100 R14 hydraulic hose is suitable for delivering petroleum or water-based hydraulic fluids in the working temperature of -54 °C to +204 °C. This kind of hose can be divided into two …

Hydraulic hose specifiion SAE 100R6. Series – SAE100R6PM

SAE100R6PM hose is made as per the specifiion SAE type 100 R6. The industry standard hose manufactured to strict international quality specifiions in order to provide consistency of performance. Designed with one-textile braid construction & meets global industry standards. It offers a long service life and a wide range of fluid

Hydraulic hose - SAE standards | Power & Motion

1/11/2003· SAE 100R3 hose should be used with petroleum- and water-based hydraulic fluids, within a temperature range from140° to 100° C. It is constructed with an inner tube of oil-resistant synthetic rubber, two braids of suitable textile yarn, and an oil- and weather-resistant synthetic rubber cover. SAE 100R4 hose should be used in low pressure and

J2050_201207: High-Temperature Power Steering …

2/4/2001· This SAE Standard covers two types of hose fabried from textile reinforcement and synthetic rubber, asseled with end fittings for use in high-temperature automotive power steering appliions as flexible connections within the temperature range of -40 to +150 °C (-40 to +302 °F) maximum and 10.3 MPa (1500 psi) maximum working pressure.

SAE 100 R2 Steel Wire Reinforced Hydraulic Hose

5/16" SAE 100 R2 steel wire braided hydraulic hose. Structure: it is composed of three parts: tube, reinforcement and cover. Tube: high quality synthetic rubber, making the hose resistant to abrasion, corrosion and oils. Reinforcement: two layers of high tensile braided steel wires, making the hose have excellent performance in high pressure


5/7/2012· This specifiion covers hose fabried from wire braid and synthetic rubber, asseled with end fittings for use in automotive appliions up to 10.3 MPa (1500 psi) maximum pressure, as flexible connections within the temperature range of -40 °C to 121 °C (-40 °F to +250 °F) average, 13.5 °C (275 °F) maximum peaks.

SAE J2076 - High-Temperature Power Steering Return Hose - Low …

1/7/2012· This SAE Standard covers hose fabried from textile reinforcement and synthetic rubber, asseled with clamps and/or end fittings for use in high-temperature automotive power steering appliions as flexible connections within the temperature range of -40 to + 150 °C (-40 to +302 °F) maximum and 1.21 MPa (175 psi) maximum working pressure.

Hose SAE Testing | Hose and Fittings Source

The SAE J343 standard gives methods for testing and evaluatinig the performance of the SAE 100R series hydraulic hose and hose asselies (hose and attached end fittings) used in hydraulic systems. Proof Pressure Test This proof test is conducted at twice the working pressure of the hose unless otherwise specified by the customer.

SAE J517 Standard for Hydraulic Hoses

SAE100R17 - another compact hose with one or two steel braids. Unlike the R16 this one states the working pressure of 210 bar for all sizes (from -3 to -16). SAE 100R18 - another version of thermoplastic hose. This standard implies that all the sizes (from -2 to -16) withstand 210 bar.

What are the Pressure Ratings for different SAE Flanges?

3/3/2020· Pressure 3000 psi series. SAE Flanges of 3000 psi series usually are known as code 61 flanges, and sometimes they are called SAE 3000 flanges or SAE flange class 3000. 3000 psi SAE flanges are designed according to standard ISO 6162-1. Here below is the chart shows the specific working pressure of the different sizes of SAE 3000 flanges:

SURFACE STANDARD Revised 2008-12 Superseding J30 JUN1998

SAE J30R9 covers Fuel Injection, Medium Pressure Coupled and Uncoupled Synthetic Rubber Tube and Cover Hose. SAE J30R10 covers In-Tank, Low Pressure, and Uncoupled Fuel Hose. SAE J30R11 covers Low Permeation Fuel Fill and Vent Hose. SAE J30R12 covers Low Permeation Fuel Feed and Return Hose. SAE J30R13 covers Diesel or Biodiesel Fuel Feed …

SAE 100 R13 Steel Wire Spiraled Hydraulic Hose - High pressure …

The details of SAE 100 R13 steel wire spiraled hydraulic hose: Structure: it is composed of three parts: tube, reinforcement and cover. Tube: high quality black synthetic rubber. Reinforcement: multiple layers of high tensile and high strength thick spiraled steel wire in alternating direction, making the hose work well in very high pressure

Making Sense of Hydraulic Hose Standards | Power & Motion

7/3/2019· SAE established minimum pressure ratings for various hoses (inside diameters and were later revised to also include constant-pressure hoses, which are hoses that maintain pressure ratings within a group regardless of size). Some common constant-pressure hoses are R13, R15, R17 and R19. SAE: The Old Standby

Hydraulic Hose Testing: The Ultimate Guide - Kingdaflex

12/1/2022· The hydraulic hose burst test is the hydrostatic pressure test of the hydraulic hose assely , which can determine the hydraulic hose’s actual burst strength. The hydraulic hose failure will happen, if the hydraulic hose begins to leak, bulge, burst when used in the minimum rated burst pressure. And the maximum burst pressure is a super

AS1424: Hose Asselies, Metal, Medium Pressure, High …

HOSE ASSELIES, METAL, MEDIUM PRESSURE, HIGH TEMPERATURE AS1424 This specifiion covers medium pressure, high temperature, flexible, metal hose asselies suitable for continuous operation in pneumatic systems up to 850°F with, short duration excursion to 1200°F, and primarily for use on jet aircraft power plants. SAE MOBILUS

Hydraulic Hose Selection Guide

SAE 100R13 1213 4 & 6 Wire Spiral High 15 72-81 5,000 5,000 5,000 5,000 5,000 Impulse SAE 100R13 1313 4 & 6 Wire Spiral 14 72-81 5,000 5,000 5,000 5,000 5,000 SAE 100R12 1212 4 Wire Spiral High Impulse 13 66-81 4,000 4,000 4,000 4,000 4,000 3,000 2,500 2,500 SAE 100R12 1312 4 Wire Spiral 14 66-81 4,000 4,000 4,000 4,000 4,000 3,000 2,500 2,500 DIN …

SAE J30 R6 High Pressure Textile Braid Hydraulic Fuel Hose

Brand: STANDARD Code: 40092100 Product Description SAE J30 R6 Pressure Textile Braid Hydraulic Fuel Hose 1. Structure of Hydraulic Fuel Hose CONTINUOUS SERVICE TEMPERATURE RANGE: -40°F / +212°F; -40°C / +100°C MAX OPERATING TEMPERATURE: 250°F 121°C INSERT: SHF TYPE TUBE: FUEL AND OIL RESISTANT SYNTHETIC RUBBER …